5 Easy Ways To Get Ready For Summer.

Summer is coming whether you want to admit it or not. Not sure if you’ve been looking outside your window lately or noticed that it’s still light at 7pm but you know what that means…..summer is COMING! And it’s coming whether you like it or not. Now I realize that everyone likes summer but they might not necessarily like the … Read More

“Goals” don’t work

Why reframing the word “goals” is the secret for success. So you might be thinking…..huh, what do you mean, goals don’t work? Well, in hindsight, they don’t especially if you think about reaching a particular goal and then wiping your hands of it once it’s achieved. That goal was only a means to an end. And this sort of strategy … Read More

Moms need self care schedules too.

Every September, it seems like the entire world revolves around the kids going back to school; whether parents are rejoicing in Staples ads (remember those?), or kids moping about in the school supplies aisle at Walmart, the kids are the focus this time of year. But what about Mom? Ya, what about her? Now that the kids “are back”, moms … Read More

What’s the deal with Diastasis?

Diastasis Rectus Abdominis (DRA) is the separation of the rectus abdominis; the outer most abdominal muscles, AKA the “six pack”. These muscles separate, for the most part, due to the growing uterus during pregnancy. The birth itself, doesn’t really affect this, in that, it’s more about the slow pressure, changes in hormones, posture (and a whole slew of factors) that … Read More

Ab Rehab – REAListic results for your core

Core results. What everyone wants at the end of a good push forward and decent amount of effort. It’s not unreasonable to expect it when you’ve put the work in but what you have to remember is….what works for one, doesn’t necessarily work the same for another. And exercise is no different. I can take two women, the exact same … Read More

Fitness: Something is ALWAYS better than nothing.

Fitness gets a bad rap because the industry has made it so. Images of people working on their 1 rep max, lifting tires, running in mud, pushing themselves to maximal effort – does not look appetizing nor motivating when you’re not an athlete and you are trying to stay “active”, never mind get fit. Back in my twenties, before children, … Read More

Crunches don’t make your abs flat

Yes, this is true. If you want to train your “core” and crunches and/or sit ups are your go-to, you have definitely lost your way. All you have to do is ask any experienced fitness or health professional and they will tell you, the best way to get flat abs (or anything close to that) is through food. Sad, I … Read More

Spring clean your workout routine!!

Doing the same-ole same-ole and getting bored? Wondering why what you “used to do” is no longer working in your favour? Then it’s time to spring clean your workout routine! Working out, “training” (or whatever you want to call it) is primarily meant to keep you active, keep you healthy, slow down the signs of aging, minimize injury, manage weight … Read More

Want your pre-baby body back? Forget it.

Want your pre-baby body back?. Forget it. Harsh I know but the dreams and fantasies that one day you will slip into those jeans or dress, like nothing ever happened, isn’t. The reality is that if you were pregnant and birthed a human (or two or three or more), things won’t be the same. In fact, they are downright different. … Read More

Sit less. Move more.

That’s the message of the day. Better yet, that’s the message for the rest of your life – just in case you didn’t know. A couple of weeks ago, I got a text from a client that another client (they train together), had a heart attack. I freaked. I mean, being in the fitness industry for over 16 years; sure, … Read More

What is the “core” anyway?

The word core has been around for quite a while and has become a hot topic in the fitness world as it should be. However, there seems to be some misunderstanding on what the core truly is. Many think the core is the abdominals and some even think the low back but only half of that is true. The core … Read More

Why all women should lift weights

Weight training for women, samcoretrainer.com

Because women are strong as hell. Because women are the one’s who get pregnant, gain weight, swell up like a balloon and give birth. Because women are the ones who are the primary care givers from start to finish. We nurse, feed, bathe, change, carry, bounce, soothe…. Because women are the ones who work 24/7 whether it’s all at home … Read More