Fitness: Something is ALWAYS better than nothing.

Fitness can be freedom

Fitness gets a bad rap because the industry has made it so.

Images of people working on their 1 rep max, lifting tires, running in mud, pushing themselves to maximal effort – does not look appetizing nor motivating when you’re not an athlete and you are trying to stay “active”, never mind get fit.

Back in my twenties, before children, sure, I liked to push myself and “go big or go home” but there were SO many things on my side.

My age, no children, good genetics etc…..but as we age, add children to the mix and maybe a partner, a home, a mortgage, a this, a that; sometimes the last thing on your mind is also trying to get a workout in when there appears to be so little hours in a day.

So then it comes down to being smart and maybe even changing why you even want to be active and “fit” in the first place.

Well, there is the obvious; you want to be healthy – GREAT! You want to live long. Sure. You want to be strong. Awesome.

But what about other things?

  • Don’t you want to feel good in your body – ABOUT your body again?
  • Don’t you want to feel good on the inside – happy, improved energy and improve focus?
  • Don’t you want to come home to your family and feel like you’ve done something for YOU and it hasn’t ALL been about them?
  • Don’t you want to be “with” your family and not feel resentful that you didn’t make it to that class….AGAIN??

The truth is, life. Life happens and it’s not going to change anytime soon unless you force it too. You need to make the decision that not only is this something that you must do, but something that you are worthy of having.

Tough, I know.

But fitness doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to take “an hour every day for 4-5 days per week” blah blah blah. Exercise does not have to be regimented and strict in order to reap benefits.

  • It can be a 20 minute walk with just you, your iPod and the pavement.
  • It can be 10 mins of stretching – BY YOURSELF – before you go to bed.
  • It can be 10 mins of core breathing in your car after you’ve dropped the kids off to school

Fitness can be anything YOU want to fill your cup.

A few months ago I shared a story about one of my clients who had a heart attack and it really freaked me out! The experience reminded me how even the littlest things can make positive compounded results.

Here’s the thing, something is ALWAYS better than nothing and you know it as much as I am saying it because when you put just a few minutes aside just for you, you will always feel so much better as a result.

You can’t replace the mental benefits of a 20 min walk.

You can’t even explain the release you get from deep breathing and a 10 minute stretch practice.

You just have to do it. Grab the calendar, schedule your time and make it about you.

I will say it again….something is ALWAYS BETTER THAN NOTHING and if you do this, you’ll be one step ahead to feeling better; at least for that moment which is better than the alternative.

Am I right?

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