Sit less. Move more.

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That’s the message of the day.

Better yet, that’s the message for the rest of your life – just in case you didn’t know.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a text from a client that another client (they train together), had a heart attack.

I freaked.

I mean, being in the fitness industry for over 16 years; sure, I have heard of people in my circle who have had heart attacks, strokes and I ensure that I recertify my CPR and AED each year but I hope to never use it.

But this hit a little too close to home. I mean, it was a CLIENT. My client and I just saw her the week before. And although she  fits the profile (50 year old woman, sedentary most of her life, overweight, doesn’t eat that well) it was still a shocker.

And oh yeh, did I mention that she’s a WOMAN?

Yep, being a woman, puts her at a higher heart risk for heart disease. Great.

Fast forward two weeks later and after emergency heart surgery, she’s walking every day but I have yet to see her until she gets clearance from her cardiologist.

The kicker? The real reason she’s walking every day is that is her doctor’s prescription; 30 mins of walking each and every day. And guess what? That is the recommendation for EVERYONE – heart attack or not.

So as I sit here at my desk (which I do more often than I like), I try my best to get up and move every hour for a minimum of 5 mins. Just going from seated to standing up wakes up my muscles, gets the blood moving and stimulates my brain as well.

And you can do this too. Set a timer and make it happen.

But what about actually “moving”

Well if you find it challenging to get a full 30 mins all at once, break it up! The most current researchers say that you get similar benefits of doing 3 times of 10 mins each so there really isn’t an excuse, is there?

And lastly, if you find it hard to get your mojo started, get a buddy! Do you really think you’re the only one who has the same struggle? Everyone else is jumping out of bed in the morning or running out of the house after dinner in elation to get their 30 mins in?

Nope, not even close. Just like you, people are busy and so busy  being “busy” that……time just flies by.

Right? Wrong.

Let’s be honest. We all get “comfortable” and tell ourselves (and even those around us), “I will walk later” or “I will eat more vegetables tomorrow” or “I will join that fitness class on Monday”.

But the reality is, you’re not doing yourself any favours delaying, stalling and making excuses as to why you can’t make your health a priority and you know it.

You “know” what you have to do and you might even tell yourself that you are doing your best.

But are you really? If not, make it happen already.


Sam xo

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