Covid “made me do it”


When Covid first came to light, I have to admit,  I didn’t take it seriously.

I mean, I’m not sure anyone really did, for that matter.

We went from Premiere Ford telling us to not cancel our March Break plans, to closing our borders within a 48 hour period.

That’s when things REALLY changed

Like many of you, I’ve now done a complete 180.

I wear masks, I don’t go ANYWHERE unless it’s absolutelt necessary and I have to admit, I am a bit anxious about what opening the world is going to look like. I understand it’s necessary for not just our economy and our sanity but it’s also scary.

Having said that, there is one thing that hasn’t changed and it’s my stance on not getting sucked into the “be kind to yourself, take the pressure off and just do what you can” verbiage.

Yes, I agree…you SHOULD be kind to yourself and you SHOULD do what you can but that does NOT mean putting your health even deeper into the big black hole of “things to do”.

Sometimes the truth hurts

Now, you might not want to hear this but sitting at home baking every day, binge watching Netflix and basically surviving might serve a purpose in the moment but will do nothing for your health.

And listen to what I just said – HEALTH.

Let me be very clear. This is NOT about being fat phobic or shaming anyone.

If you think that, you clearly don’t know me at all.

This is about health. People who ARE at home, feeding their stress and struggle with food, not moving their bodies and coping by telling themselves every day that it’s “ok” because Covid made me do it.

Well I call BS on that sh*t.

No one is making you do anything!

Yes, I agree that when all this happened, it was very appropriate for people to respond in unhealthy ways, but now we are 10 weeks in. 10 WEEKS!!! And we ALL know that this isn’t going to end anytime soon and once kids go back to school?

I don’t even want to think about it.

So guess what people….this IS the new normal so we need to stop with the excuses and take back control of our health. At some point you need to accept that this is the way of life (for a while, at least) so you might as well figure out a way to get back on track.

It’s time to build your own immunity

Again, there is a lot of anxiety around things opening up and some might even decide to stay in until a vaccine is available. However, you must also use this as an opportunity to build your own immunity so you have a much better chance of staying healthy, than relying on a vaccine alone.

I’m a health coach and as you can tell, I am very passionate about it. I strongly believe in the ability to build your own health defenses and this is why I am different.

I will not feed you fluff and make false promises.

Fitness and health is SO MUCH MORE than eating well and exercising. It’s about knowing your worth and stopping the chatter in your head that’s telling you that you don’t have time and you’re too overwhelmed etc. I mean, isn’t that what you said BEFORE Covid happened? Now look at you – you’re working from home AND home schooling. Who knew!

It’s time to stand up for yourself

I stand up for my clients when they want to give up. I fight for them until they finally wake up and realize that they are WORTH the fight.

And so are you.

Before Covid-19, it was work and the kids activities and “all the things”. Now it’s working from home, managing the kids and trying not to lose your mind.

Well at what point do you say…. Enough is enough and fight back?

Something to think about…..

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