Why all women should lift weights

Weight training for women, samcoretrainer.com

Because women are strong as hell.

Because women are the one’s who get pregnant, gain weight, swell up like a balloon and give birth.

Because women are the ones who are the primary care givers from start to finish. We nurse, feed, bathe, change, carry, bounce, soothe….

Because women are the ones who work 24/7 whether it’s all at home or split up between home and office.

And if you are not a mother, you need muscle to push, shove and stand up for yourself.

Women should lift weights for the very same reasons men do AND all of the above.

Weight training is a very powerful feeling. When the tough get going, there is nothing like a good workout to feel like you haven’t lost your sh*t and you can keep it together for one more day.

Building muscle is extremely important for women, especially once you hit the ripe old age of 40; yep, 4-0. This is when you start losing muscle mass at the rate of .5-1% every year if you don’t start doing something about it.

Muscles are wonderful. They make you look great. They burn more calories are rest than cardiovascular training alone. But more importantly, they support your joints and bones so if you do slip and fall, you won’t break a hip.

The best thing? They make you feel like a ROCK STAR

You know; like the first time you finish your first straight leg push-up? Or you ran up the stairs without feeling out of breath? Or you move around your day without pain?

It’s the little things like that, that make the most impact.

Sure, if you want to get into that bikini; Bob’s your uncle but if you just want to feel good in your body and confident in your day, grab some weights and start lifting because women are strong as hell so we might as well start acting like it!

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