Stephanie P. , Sam Core Trainer Client

Working with Samantha is the kick in the butt I need every week to make sure I’m doing the best exercise for my body in the most efficient way I can. She understands my needs, my body’s needs, and my constantly changing desire to do different, new, and exciting exercises. I’m so much stronger thanks to her.

Stephanie P.
Maria D., Sam Core Trainer client

How lucky am I to have the BEST trainer in the world. She is the most compassionate, empathetic and educated trainer i have ever worked with. Her attention to the Pelvic Floor muscles and making sure core breath is activated during each exercise has helped me be stronger and build confidence in being healthy and fit! Each week is different and she comes prepared with a unique and fun routine of exercises to keep it fresh and fun! I also love when we roll on our “balls” – you need to ask her about the “balls”!

Maria D.
Penny M., Sam Core Trainer client

Sam is the most effective and thorough trainer I have ever worked with. Each workout is new and challenging. I am stronger, my body has recovered from past injuries and has now fully recovered from two pregnancies. Sam is the most compassionate and comprehensive trainer, someone who listens and helps to heal the body, mind and spirit.

Penny M.
Alison B., Sam Core Trainer client

Each pregnancy took its toll on my body. By the end of my third pregnancy, I didn’t know if I’d ever be fit again. Sam started me on a routine unfamiliar to me, teaching me techniques and skills to not only set me on a path to get my body back, but to be strong, healthy and ‘leak-proof’. I can’t recommend Sam enough for her ability to train the whole body and mind, inspiring me to get back to the fitness level I yearned for. Four years later, I’m fitter than ever and I have Sam to thank.

Alison B.
Alison M., Sam Core Trainer client

Sam’s workouts are perfect for new moms! I reached out to Sam when I was 5 weeks postpartum after having my third child. I had a diastasis and low back pain and while I wanted to get moving again, my body felt different this time around and I wanted to make sure I was exercising in a safe way. This program was completely tailored to my needs, goals and abilities and Sam encouraged and provided accountability all along the way. The online aspect meant I could also work out when I wanted to with exercises that could be done at home with minimal equipment. Sam is so knowledgeable about women’s postpartum fitness and truly helped my body recover after childbirth. It was a joy working with her and I highly recommend her online training.

Allison M.
Sandy P., Sam Core Trainer client

Working out with Samantha was HARD, motivating and most importantly, fun. She is an excellent trainer – tough but encouraging – who customized my workouts so they were perfect for me and my fitness goals. Her dedication to women’s health and wellness is remarkable! I am happy to recommend her. Not only will her guidance produce results but her love for working with women to help them be the best that they can be is inspiring! She is truly one of the best!

Sandy P.

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