“Goals” don’t work


Why reframing the word “goals” is the secret for success.

So you might be thinking…..huh, what do you mean, goals don’t work?

Well, in hindsight, they don’t especially if you think about reaching a particular goal and then wiping your hands of it once it’s achieved. That goal was only a means to an end.

And this sort of strategy doesn’t work in health and fitness.

There should be no “final” goal in that once it’s done, you stop trying. When the going gets tough, you don’t get to throw in the towel.

Have you kept your New Years resolutions?

I mean look, it’s almost the end of February. How are you doing with your New Years goals? If you’re still going strong, awesome – but studies show that over 80% of people who made New Years goals or “affirmations”, have already fallen off the rails.

Fitness and health should always be a life long journey and as you continue to age and learn, you adjust and grow.

You might have days (maybe even weeks) when things aren’t going as planned but something is ALWAYS better than nothing.

I have worked with countless women over the years who have “done it all” in the hopes that their good intentions and hard work would last once they stopped putting in the effort.

Here’s the thing; everything good and worth having comes from hard work AND maintaining it ongoing. You can’t expect to be uber focused on achieving something and then be disappointed that when you stop giving it the attention it deserves, it’s no longer there.

Motivation only lasts so long and if this is something that you struggle with, it’s a combination of these tips as well as also looking at yourself through a different lens.

We need to see this journey as a relationship and something that we are committed to long term.

Treat yourself the way you treat other relationships

The relationships we have with our bodies and health need to be nurtured like all the other relationships that we hold so dear.

Constant attention, being mindful, being respectful and understanding that you don’t stop trying just because life gets hard, is the secret sauce. If you are looking for optimal health and wellness, it’s a process that never ends.

So if you have a goal in mind, instead, think about what you can do today, to make yourself better tomorrow and do this every day. Otherwise, always looking for an “end in sight” only shows that you aren’t truly committed to change your life.

So what do you say? Are you ready to start your journey?



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