Success starts with why

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Success, in of itself, is a matter of opinion in that what might feel like success to one person, might not feel like to another.

When you are looking for success, it can mean so many things but regardless of what it “means”, I think we can all agree that when we achieve it, we feel better.

Or at least we hope so.

It’s all about why

Before you even try to accomplish something; whether it’s getting a promotion at work, getting up earlier to be more productive, lose 10 lbs etc., it’s important that you have a good why.

Having a good why is what keeps you on track. Having a good why reminds you of “why” you are going for it in the first place.

When I work with clients, having a good why is non-negotiable.

‘Why”, you ask? Because you and I both know that when you are trying to make changes and changes that stick. you better believe that life and circumstances will rear their ugly heads and try to somehow sabotage your efforts.

Your why has to have meaning

You want to lose 40 lbs, why? So you can fit into the rollercoasters with your family?

This was one of my clients, “why” and she did it.

Another why; t be able to fit into clothes you have in your closet because when you do, you feel confident in your skin.

How about being able to join your family in certain activities instead of being a by-stander?

Or to be able to run to the bus without running out of breath and actually talk to the bus driver, once you get on?

These are just a few of my client’s “why’s” because what it came down to, is they wanted to improve their overall LIFE – regardless of what the scale said.

Just take a a look at one of my client’s HUGE successful transformations! She started when she had an 8 week old and a5 year old at home. She wanted to increase her energy and enjoy her summer with 2 small children. Well, just look at her; 6 months later and she couldn’t be happier!

What’s your why?

And that’s where I will leave you. Think about what your why is and better yet, ask yourself, what will happen if you don’t?

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