Spring clean your workout routine!!

Boxing with a trainer

Doing the same-ole same-ole and getting bored?

Wondering why what you “used to do” is no longer working in your favour?

Then it’s time to spring clean your workout routine!

Working out, “training” (or whatever you want to call it) is primarily meant to keep you active, keep you healthy, slow down the signs of aging, minimize injury, manage weight and improve your quality of life.

Having said that, if you are doing the same thing; day in and day out, it makes sense that you would get bored, lose interest and stall progress.

Here’s the thing; in order to stay motivated and keep your mojo, you MUST switch it up!

Plateauing in your exercise program is one of the leading reasons why people stop exercising and fall off the wagon. They no longer see the progress they did in the beginning, they don’t feel the “burn” and if weight loss is a goal, the numbers usually stops dead in its tracks.

This is why changing it up is KEY to success.

If you are always in the weight room, try changing the order of the exercises.

  • You can try adding weight and lowering repetitions or reducing weight and increasing repetitions.
  • You can try interval training with a timer i.e. 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off or 60 seconds off and 15-20 seconds off.
  • Super sets, compound sets, isolation; the choices are endless!

And what about classes? Some people LOVE their classes but is there something different you could try? You might (think) you won’t enjoy it or it won’t give you a good enough workout but fitness is funny that way; just changing the way you move and trying something new, can be very humbling. J

Hey…..I’m great at lifting heavy weight but put me in a beginner yoga class, and I’m DYING. Literally.

Spinning, HIIT, Hot yoga, PiYo, step, treadmill, biking, stair climber, TRX, boxing, kettlebells – the options are there for a reason.

So if you are feeling ho-hum about your workout, give your workout a spring cleaning and try a new workout that will challenge you and get that mojo moving again!



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