Want your pre-baby body back? Forget it.

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Want your pre-baby body back?.

Forget it.

Harsh I know but the dreams and fantasies that one day you will slip into those jeans or dress, like nothing ever happened, isn’t.

The reality is that if you were pregnant and birthed a human (or two or three or more), things won’t be the same. In fact, they are downright different.

And you know it.

Some might believe that if they work “really really hard”, they too, can have that pre-baby body back that they once loved and admired. They can play with the other “fit moms” on Instagram and post pics of six-packs and booties that could give Kim Kardashian a run for her money.

But let’s be honest, shall we? How many of us actually DID love our bodies before having babies? The truth is, most of us didn’t and we didn’t realize how good we had it until nature took its toll with having babies and all. We now look back and wonder “what the hell was I complaining about? I would give anything to be able to look like that again”. Right?

You and me both.

However, there’s no need to give up or lose hope. Just because you might not have the body you once had, does not mean you can’t have a betterand strongerbody than ever before.

It’s true.

I can’t tell you how many mothers over the years that have said “you know, although I thought I was fit before, I wasn’t”. Whether you were blessed with being thin, were skinny-fat or just had a metabolism to die for, does not make a healthy and strong foundation.

The truth is, becoming a mom creates a shift; I BIG shift, not just about motherhood and raising another person 24 hours a day but it changes the way you look at yourself.

Now for some, they are very happy where they are. They have come to accept what they have and are content with their new found womanhood. Awesome.

But others want more. They know that they are a mother now (and super human, if you ask me) but they want to build a body where they feel healthier, stronger and more confident than they have before. There is an understanding that they are now working with a different machine and with those differences, require a different approach to say, what was done before.

This is not to say that you will never run again or join that obstacle race, it simply means your journey will have to change to get there because no matter what any woman says, your body is NOT the same and requires more than going through the motions.

After pregnancy and birth, things ARE different so what worked “before” might not work after and it’s this openness to change the way you think to get to a different place, that will most often get you the success that you seek.

So whether you are a new mom, seasoned mom or veteran, do yourself a favour; make your goals realistic, attainable and doable. Choose strength and function over esthetics and give yourself a break. Remember, no man ever birthed a child, so we are pretty damned awesome.



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