Online personal training and coaching for

Women who are sick and tired of feeling
“sick and tired”

and want to feel good about not just what they see, but what they can do

Finally, someone who really understands the demands of being a busy woman and the challenges we face every day. Whether you are a mother or not, the expectations that are placed on us and the pursuit of “balance” can often seem so far out of reach that our health becomes a battle that we fear we will never win.

Life makes so many demands on us physically and mentally that we often just “go through the motions” and miss what’s going on, right in front of us. Our health has taken a back seat.

If you’ve landed here, it’s because you know you’re ready! You’ve tried to go it on your own and you’re fed up with being the last on the list. You want to make changes that will not just improve your health but give you more energy, make you more productive, a better parent, a more present partner and a happier person.

If you feel…

  • Weak and foggy and not sure where to turn.
  • Overwhelmed and out of control when it comes to your health.
  • Disconnected from your body since pregnancy and birth, months and even years after.
  • That you struggle with leaks, a prolapse or a tummy that just won’t budge, no matter what you do.
  • Impatient and frustrated with the lack of resources and support that you need.
  • Unmotivated and exhausted because you’ve tried EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT and nothing seems to help.

This is where I can help you

About-Samanth-Monpetit-Huynh, samcoretrainer.com

With over 17 years working with moms in all stages, I offer specialized training and coaching for the mom who needs answers, lacks support and wants the right system and guidance to not just look good in her body but FEEL good in her body again.

The Best Thing?

There’s no burpees (unless you beg) and no guilt. There is just focused, expert coaching designed just for you; not for anyone else.

Benefits of online training

  • Custom program design
  • Flexibility and convenience
  • Ongoing accountability
  • 24 hour access and support coaching
  • And more...

If you are ready to make a commitment to yourself (and me) then

Stop waiting and start doing

What do you have to lose?


Focused, online coaching specifically designed for busy mothers who want to do good, feel good and love their bodies again.

Maria D., Sam Core Trainer client

How lucky am I to have the BEST trainer in the world. She is the most compassionate, empathetic and educated trainer i have ever worked with. Her attention to the Pelvic Floor muscles and making sure core breath is activated during each exercise has helped me be stronger and build confidence in being healthy and fit!

– Maria D.